Kitchen sponges and cleaning sponges harbor germs.  In fact, over the course of a month, sponges harbor and grow billions of germs and bacteria!

The kitchen sponges is the dirtiest items in your home and while it is important to clean and sanitize your sponges between use, even the best cleaning methods do not completely eradicate the harmful germs that grow in the moist, dark crevices of your kitchen sponge.  To prevent the spread of germs and bacteria and keep your family safe, experts agree that kitchen sponges should be replaced every month and Calendar Sponge helps you do just that!

Use Calendar Sponge in your home to remind you to change your kitchen sponges every month.  Use Calendar Sponge as your cleaning sponge too, it makes no sense to clean with dirty sponges!  Calendar Sponge is also great for the office.  Replace those dirty sponges in the office kitchen and break room with a fresh, new sponge every month.  Calendar Sponge is perfect for the kitchen, cleaning bucket, office, motor home, any where you regularly use sponges.

Don’t believe us about the health risks posed by dirty sponges and the importance of changing your kitchen sponges every month? 

In 2006, Dr. Phillip Tierno, Director of New York University’s Microbiology Department and author of The Secret Life of Germs, was a guest on Oprah.  During the segment, “Is Your House Making You Sick,” he discussed dirty kitchen sponges. He stated that sponges and dishrags can hold literally billions of bacteria and declared that they should be kept no longer than one month.

Dr. Oz has also visited the topic of hidden germs in dirty kitchen sponges and emphasized the importance of replacing your kitchen sponges every month.

Countless other websites also urge you toreplace your kitchen sponges every month as dirty sponges can spread germs and cause food poisoning.

Replace your sponges every month with Calendar Sponge!

Here are some additional facts about kitchen sponges!


Sanitize your sponges between use and replace your kitchen sponges every month with Calendar Sponge!