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Calendar Sponge is one of a kind! Of all the kitchen sponges and household cleaning sponges, Calendar Sponge is the only sponge that helps you fight germs! Calendar Sponge may be used as a household kitchen sponge, office break room sponge or regular cleaning sponge and it’s the only sponge on the market that reminds you when it’s time to replace your sponge!

Calendar Sponge is a patented new germ fighting kitchen sponge system that tells you when it’s time to change your sponges! Sold as a 1 year supply of the highest quality house cleaning kitchen sponges, with each calendar month printed on the face, Calendar Sponge gives you a fresh sponge for each month of the year.

Over the course of a month, billions of bacteria grow on your kitchen sponges. There are several traditional methods of cleaning and sanitizing sponges that helps reduce germs and bacteria but regardless of how effective the method is, cleaning kitchen sponges in your dishwasher, microwave or cleaning solution does not completely eradicate the harmful bacteria and germs living in your sponges. As a result, every time you use an old, dirty kitchen sponge, you run the risk of spreading these harmful germs to your dishes, food and surrounding environment.

To help reduce the spread of germs and bacteria in your kitchen, home and office, experts agree you should sanitize kitchen sponges between uses and replace them every month. Replace your sponges every month with Calendar Sponge!

Calendar Sponge is sold as a 1 year supply of quality foam kitchen sponges and provides a clean sponge for every month of the year! Our patented sponge system includes a fresh kitchen sponge for each calendar month and by printing the name of the month of the face of the sponge, Calendar Sponge serves as a monthly reminder to change your kitchen sponges!

Leading Authorities agree – The kitchen sponge is one the dirtiest items in your household.

knowledge is power

Did you know that kitchen sponges are often the dirtiest items in your home or office?

Did you know that traditional methods of eliminating germs from kitchen sponges, by cleaning it in the dishwasher or placing it in the microwave, don’t completely eradicate the germs and bacteria?

Did you know that kitchen sponges and dishrags can hold literally billions of bacteria? That they should be sanitized between uses and kept no longer than 30 days?

When is the last time you changed your kitchen sponges? If it’s been more than a month, you’re at risk of spreading dangerous germs and bacteria. The moist crevices and surfaces of a wet kitchen sponges make them a hotbed for germs like E. coli, salmonella, or campylobacter. Some researchers have estimated there are 10 million bacteria per square inch of a kitchen sponge, making it the most contaminated place in your house!

Calendar Sponge helps reduce the spread of household germs and bacteria by reminding you to replace your kitchen sponges every month!

Calendar Sponge makes the perfect kitchen sponge by reminding you to replace your sponges and providing a fresh sponge for every month of the year! It’s also a great replacement for those dirty sponges commonly found in office kitchens and break rooms!

Replace your kitchen sponges every month with Calendar Sponge! And when you do, be sure to replace your cleaning sponges and office break room sponges too

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