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The kitchen sponges is one of the dirtiest items in your home and while it is important to clean and sanitize your sponges between use, even the best cleaning methods do not completely eradicate the harmful germs that grow in the moist, dark crevices of your kitchen sponge. To prevent the spread of germs and bacteria and keep your family safe, experts agree that kitchen sponges should be replaced every month and Calendar Sponge helps you do just that!

Keeping it clean

Calendar Sponge was conceptualized, designed and patented following a family conversation about household germs. Wendy Lovato had first learned of the health risks posed by dirty kitchen sponges while watching an Oprah segment, “Is Your House Making You Sick?” She was so struck by what she saw that she was compelled to conduct additional research; she quickly learned that dirty kitchen sponges are the #1 source of household germs. Wendy discussed the findings with her brother, and co-inventor, Patrick Taylor and they decided to commence further research. Upon learning that experts recommend replacing kitchen sponges every 30 days, Wendy and Patrick were struck with the idea to invent Calendar Sponge!

Before learning about the health risks posed by dirty kitchen sponges, Wendy and Patrick had no idea that sponges needed to be sanitized between use and replaced every month. After surveying family, friends and colleagues…they found we weren’t alone.

When was the last time you replaced your kitchen sponges? Do you even know? Since most people either don’t know how long they’ve been using their sponges or don’t realize their dirty kitchen sponges are the #1 source of household germs, they have no idea that when kitchen sponges are used for more than 30 days, they become contaminated and pose serious health risks such as spreading E. coli, salmonella and other dangerous bacteria.

Dirty kitchen sponges can make you sick! Calendar Sponge is the only kitchen sponge on the market that reminds you to change your sponges every month and provides a fresh, household cleaning kitchen sponge for every month of the year!

Calendar Sponge’s patented sponge design and 12-pack system serves as an easy monthly reminder to change your kitchen sponges! By packaging Calendar Sponge as a 1 year supply of foam sponges with each calendar month printed on the face, Calendar Sponge supplies a fresh sponge for each month and reminds you when it’s time to change your sponges. Our system can be started at any time during the year as Calendar Sponge contains one sponge for each month.

Reduce the spread of dangerous germs and bacteria and keep your kitchens, homes and offices cleaner and safer with Calendar Sponge!

Replace your kitchen sponges every month with Calendar Sponge, the only germ fighting reminder system!

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